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  What's New  
  01-08-2018 We are pleased to introduce this homepage of the NEW International Graduate Program on Renewable Energy System Engineering (RESE) (Doctor Course) at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Saitama University from 2018 August. This program offers excellent opportunities to highly qualified international students for pursuing graduate studies and research in the field of renewable energy system engineering such as photovoltaic, LIB, energy storage, hydrogen production, and their applications.
  30-07-2018 Admission processes are mentioned in the admission & support menu. Applicants are advised to strictly follow the steps.
  Research Groups  
  Group 1 (Material Science) Group 2 (Electronics)
Synthesis of novel functional materials Characterization of Optical, electrical, and magnetic properties DFT, Simulation . Photovoltaic and storage devices, Wind and Thermoelectric power generation, Wireless charging system, Quick charger, Superconductor device.
Group 3 (Information System) Group 4 (Mechanical Engineering)

Power managing system, Communications, sensor, IoT, Remote sensing, Image system.

Mechanical energy management, Automotive, Heat flow analysis and control MEMS, Robotics.
  Research Group Coordinators
Electronics & Informatics Material science Mechanical Engineering & Science
Prof. Tetsuya SHIMAMURA Prof. Hajime SHIRAI Prof. Tsuyoshi MIZUNO

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